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    Per our Trello notes this process started as just an idea on Oct 26th, 2020. We began researching cost effective methods of acquiring quite specific ETH data, come to find out, this type of service is quite costly at about $200-$400 per month. For a fresh startup this is too much overhead. Enter TurboGeth!

    What’s an ETH Archive node? Click here + scroll down half way.

    Turbogeth has the majority of the capabilities of a standard full ETH archive node, or at least the ones that matter to us. The trade off of having slightly less commands available (they’re working on it), is you have a much faster syncing ETH archive node, as well a more manageable database being ~800GB rather than 6TB+. Furthermore, the TG developers are amazingly helpful and I couldn’t have asked for more in this regard.

    As you can imagine, this service / data is valuable. As we grow we plan to offer ETH Archive node services to tier 4 KEK holders. Eventually we will be in a category 4+ datacenter with redundant electricity, failover internet, fire suppression systems and more robust hardware. This will assure 100% update as well as the fastest query times.

    Wrapping up, I’m currently in the process of backing up the entire TG database at the current block in case we have ever hardware failure we can resume from block 11612585. Once the backup is complete, just need to throw up the RPC endpoint and bobs your uncle.

    PS: KEK Developers are provided free full access to this node should you require it 🙂


    Putting work into the basedment. Call me the candor man.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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