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    The time has come. We said we are about Community involvement so here we go!
    To further integrate our community members, we have decided to hold an election for the 6th signee of our multi-sig vault, who will also be a core member who can propose votes directly on the DAO.

    Why did we decide to do this?
    We strongly believe in trust, transparency and integrity. Further integrating the community into the project has been our goal since we launched Cryptokek, as we believe community governance is key.

    What responsibilities will the nominee carry?

    The nominee will be added to the multi-signature wallet AKA DAO Development vault, and therefore will be able to vote on potential transactions controlling ~30 million KEK. 4 of the 6 multi-sig members will be required to pass a vote on any transaction. They will also be added to the project’s DAO core list, where they will be able to propose any changes. If these proposals pass, they will be binding, following the procedure we outlined in a previous forum post

    How will this happen?

    Starting from the time this article is posted, community members who want to pursue candidacy will be able to come forward to the community through our Discord and Telegram and will be able to pitch prior experiences and any other reasons to vote for them. They will have until the 23rd of January at Midnight GMT to formalise their application. All candidates will then be added to a 3-day DAO vote, where any candidate with over 500k votes for them will proceed to another 3 day round where the candidate with the lowest amount of votes will be eliminated. This will repeat until there is only 1 candidate left, at which point we will process the victor. All votes are verifiable, and so this may well be one of the most secure elections possible.

    How long will each term last?
    We thought long and hard about this question. We wanted to find a balance between stability while also allowing the community to have their voice heard as much as possible. For that reason, we will be operating 9-month term limits, at which point another election will be held automatically. However, should the community not be satisfied with the actions of the elected community member, it is possible to create a proposal for this person to be removed from their position. This will follow a standard DAO proposal structure and if it passes the elected person will be removed.

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