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    Hello Kektopians,

    It has been only 2 days since launch and things are quite busy behind the scenes, and today we are coming forth with how we will handle community proposals for the DAO. As we are only just starting out we want to ensure high-quality discussion and development of Cryptokek, thus we will retain a bit more control to ensure the best outcome and build a strong community.

    How will a typical community proposal go?

    1. A community member creates a proposal in the forum for the other members to discuss. For a community proposal to evolve into a core proposal, the forum thread must have 50 upvotes and 20 comments discussing the topic. *We will start with these numbers, but we can modify them if needed.

    2.The proposal will then be up on the snapshot page for the community to decide whether to pass it or not. The outcome of the vote will be binding.

    For each proposal made by members of our core team, there will also be a discussion on the forum to figure out any necessary parameters of the proposal before putting it up for an official vote.

    Why did we decide to do it that way?

    First off, quality is key in the beginning to ensure smooth sailing from now on. Secondly, these first weeks will be like a testing ground to make sure we can improve our system even more in the future. To make sure that everything is nice and orderly in the beginning, these steps ensure prioritization and community involvement.

    The health of the project is of utmost importance, and for this reason, changes to our ecosystem must be thoroughly thought out prior, and all pros and cons must be stated before we can devote limited time and resources to making the change. We want to get all the approved suggestions completed, however, we will prioritize those that have the most engagement and comments on the forum with widespread community approval. This does not mean that other suggestions will be ignored, just that they may have to wait until later.

    There will be a limited number of core proposals each month, judged based on how much time each one would take to complete. You will still be in charge of which of these get priority here, and will ultimately still be guiding the project. As it currently stands, only the team can create core proposals. However, this will change over the coming months, as we open up both the 6th multi-signature wallet delegate and add 2 community members who are allowed to put forward core proposals. These people will nominate themselves for community elections, which will be held on our DAO. More information to come.

    These community core spots will allow the community to take more direct action and will be able to circumvent the team entirely if they want something to be voted upon, though the team will still have to implement the changes. Our promise to you is that if a core proposal
    passes, it WILL be implemented, as long as it was legitimately debated on the forum and received a significant share of the vote.

    The requirements for a core vote are as follows:
    1. Minimum 1 week voting period.
    2. Only initiated after at least 1 week of debate in the forums.
    3. Proposed by 1 of the core proposal delegates.
    The required number of yes votes will be decided in the debate before the proposal is created. This will be judged objectively based on the number of votes that can be cast at that time.
    We aim to automate much of this system and implement a similar, but custom DAO that will be more tightly integrated into our ecosystem in the future.

    The CryptoKek Team.

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