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    What happened and what will we do going forward?

    On the 2nd of January a programmer named Pasta messaged the Cryptokek team that he had found an exploit to take down Kektics temporarily.The Whitehat crafted custom packages to loop our DNS records and crashed the Kektics app.

    He provided proof and offered us his services for payment to fix even more bugs. Thanks to his nudge we managed to fix the bug pretty quickly and managed to close the security gap. Pasta has experience as a white hat and due to his extensive knowledge in that field, mainly finding and fixing exploits for crypto projects, we are considering using his services in the future.

    In order to solidify our foundation it is in our own best interest we undergo a security audit within the next few months.

    White Hat Duties if Hired:

    (a) Assist with securing the flaw and general review
    (b) application environment will be checked for different weaknesses
    (c) Backend Assessments
    (d) Vulnerability Disclosure / Penetration testing
    (e) CDN Protection Setup
    (f) Sensitive file disclosures etc
    (g) General depth Security Auditing [Infosecurity] The procedure would begin by assisting with securing the demonstrated vulnerability on the web; and also other services can be included in the same audit without extra compensations

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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