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    Good Day Kektopians,

    During the absolute madness of the presale, a single slight mistake was made.

    Lost but not forgotten

    Per Perdaolito: “Well, I know what happened. As you can see on the following screenshot, the adress 0x92de… sent 2 eth 1 minute before the 100eth liquidity was sent to uniswap. These 2 eth were included in the liquidity sent to uniswap, but the pre-sale was already over so he had his 2 eth back, but not me because there weren’t eth left. My adress is 0xf6f78cb715468d23b0b5f1e925df79e0a709fb08.
    I hope I am clear in my explanations”

    It took me some time but upon digging further, this is the truth. Here is the transaction hash + wallet.

    Now normally I would send this person ETH directly to reimburse them, however, we do not have enough project owned ETH on hand. Further, 1M KEK tokens were leftover from the presale which were split between Sean and Peter on a 1-year vesting schedule, 3 months per unlock for 1 year. Not enough KEK in there either to fix this problem.

    I spoke with the presale investor and they stated they were okay with receiving $kek as reimbursement. They also stated they would be sticking with the project, holding the tokens, and understand the mixup. There’s no bad blood and as it would seem, there’s good blood 🙂 I learned long ago, never burn bridges.

    As a show of good faith for my mistake, holding the user’s funds, and taking so long, I would like to not only reimburse the user’s funds (current value $1475) but add $50 worth of kek on top.

    With that said, we need to make a withdraw from the development vault to correct our mistake. At current market prices that would be 140,036 KEK. This is a ONE-time case it should NOT set a precedent for future DDV withdraws.

    I personally apologize for this mistake and the odd one-off scenario of bypassing due process and having to tap the vault. We need to make this community member whole.


    Putting work into the basedment. Call me the candor man.

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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